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JS exercise - Page color settings

this is the beginning of the text content, with JS color specs and NO body tag entry

need to insert an anchor tagged link to test link, vlink colors

example of a {LINK} and trailing text

Sonic Productions WebSite v1.0r Beta - 2Mbps edition  €8€   6:00 AM on Sunday, May 12, 2002

Sonic Productions WebTV Utilies  €8€   4:58 PM on Saturday, April 13, 2002

Sonic Productions WebTV - RealAudio tester  €8€  

SonicSearch  €8€  

2.5/17 Sonic's MIDIs and MODs <==mods gone at 5pm PT -norm
The midis and mods are availble in uncompressed, zipped, and gzipped formats, for a variety of compression tang. lol.

E! Online News - "The X-Files" Exits  {€X€}  Norm  {PRINT}

zzz 2.6/04

2.6/04  backup save lobone notebk spcl v2  {€8€}  

EXAMPLE:  MTVi Group's R/A MetaFile Info Strip Makeup


Natalie Imbruglia_
{Torn404.RAM}  2/710/848_1_1_08.rm

track 2 pnm://

{WithALittleLuck.RAM}  3/4298/4875_1_5_08.rm

updated 2.6/15