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2.5/29  Please everyone, let`s pray for Eva  {¤8¤}  Mary-"Lovely44

2.6/11  Terra Lycos Targets Web Music Fans with New Service  {Reuters}

2.5/28  9/11-  Wiretaps Talk Of Terrifying Plan  {¤¤}  Stan

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2.6/18  New Madrid Fault: Earthquake Hits Tri-State  {¤p8d¤}  tomeegirl . {-more-}


2.5/17  The Taipei Times Online:
Researchers develop new super-sized disc
MAD FOR MEGA-MEDIA: Government-backed researchers have come up with the next generation of optical disc, one that is capable of storing 100 gigabytes of information
{taipeitimes.com}  Stan  {PRINT}  


2.2/28  Yahoo! GeoCities Change In FTP Service  {starting 4/02}
2.2/06  FREE MSN TV Service  {MS ISP-OnePlan}  offer expires 4/30/02  extended... see MSN TV

2.4/19  Henri Takahashi  {sfgate.com}  Norm  {PRINT}

2.4/18  TAKAHASHI, Henri Hiroyuki  {sfgate.com}    {PRINT}

2.4/18  Henri Takahashi - Notice of Death  {americanmemorials}  

2.4/10  Nobu McCarthy, 67, Artistic Director and Actress, Dies  {nytimes.com}  Cyn

1.11/07  Life Tastes Good - Philip Kan Gotanda  {outriderpictures.com}

1.9/05  Gala reopens wounds for Japanese Americans  {¤¤}  Norm  {PRINT}

1.June  NJAHS Events  {nikkeiheritage.org}  2.4/20

Notice of Death - (Mirror Page)
 {AmericanMemorials_Henri Takahashi}  2.4/19

Thank you, Philip Kan Gotanda, for writing Henri's obituary for our Family -Norm

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