top E-mail message From: (NormTakahashi Sony newPlus W250 2.6.1) Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2002, 4:39am To: Subject: 2.4/21 Myra SINCERE SYMPATHY

Date:    Sun, Apr 21, 2002, 3:40am (PDT+3)

Dear Norman,

I'm very sorry to have heard about your father's passing.  At a time like this, their is not much more once can express sorrow.  If their is anything that I can do for you, please e-mail me or call me here in San Jose.  My number is (408) 999-0833.

It's been close to three years now, since I've been living out here in San Jose.  I've been doing okay or the best that I can.  I'm finding though it hasn't been easy for at times, I'm fine and like a roller coaster I do go down.  I've pretty much adjusted myself to living here but it's not quite like really being home.  Sometimes when I return to S.F. that doesn't even seem like home to me.  Of course, I do miss the people I dearly loved who passed on or that I had to leave behind.  At my age, it's not that easy making new friends, people pretty much are set up with their own.  As far as dating, nah.... not for me.  Gets kinda lonely at times but I'm just not interested.  I'm still separated (not even legal yet) so it's pretty hard to really move on being connected.  He's still giving me the money and I'm still paying the bills which is getting kind of tiresome for me.  I try to disconnect from being or seeing him as ! much as possible for it just gets me pretty angry.  For some reason, time has a way to make a person see so much more then what they didn't see.  I'm still working a Costco, but soon enough I feel perhaps I'll be ready to start a real job a full time office one of which I'm more accustomed to.  And, it pays so much better.  I'm part-time with Costco and I now work in the Membership department.....u know the front desk taking care of customers and their problems and renewal.  The good part of that is I'm at least able to work on the computers.  I have to tell you this much, resale sucks.  You work your ass off and even have to clock or should I say swipe in a time clock.  Anyway, I've been their believe it or now close to a year.  They do love me there though and the big boss does pretty much to persuade me to stay with them.  But, if I have to start seriously thinking about supporting myself then I really need to get a real job! with good benefits.  After all, because of him my life has t otally changed and it's dam hard to start a new life if you know what I mean.  Well, Norman I'm sorry to go on like this but I guess you are one person that perhaps understands.  Not many people do....they just say MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE ---- EASIER SAID THEN DONE.  

As I said before, if their is anything I can do for you just call or e-mail me.  It's a tough time for you I know, I lost a lot of people I loved and I'm still having a difficult time with it.  Please take care, I know Richard cares about you a lot, you've been extremely kind and generous to him and especially to me on behalf of Lisa and I will never forget that.