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Hi Norm,
I suppose it's a blessing your dad went quickly. Were you and he very close?
This is a post from Rogi's newsgroup. I don't know if you're aware of her situation.
I'm moving in a few weeks, by the way. I'm finally getting out of this horrid little place I live in and I'm moving to a nice apartment right across the street from where I work.
My good fortune is, in large part, your doing. What can I say that I haven't already said?
I will forward you a letter I got from Rogi today. I will send her the $240 dollars she needs to move her RV.
I thought I'd forward you these things in case you were not aware of her situation. Rogi is UNAWARE of my sending you these things. You don't have to reply to her or me about this.
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The gangbangers across the st. SAY they'll help me take down the garden
fence. Her other objection is my American flag! I'm leaving the garden
and hoping...reread the noncompliance order; doesn't SPECIFICALLY
mention the plants.

Her other objection is my RV. I"m asking neighbors if I can store it on
their places; no luck yet. Her last tenant in the apt. next to mine was
a Cuban drug dealer. He was pissed, cuz he knew it was cuz of me he got
evicted...actually, it was because of HIM and his customers, bothering
me all hrs. of the night, looking for him and smoking crack in the
parking lot...anyway, he flattened the front tire on the camper. Can't
change it myself and a new tire is a hundred bucks. Have a bald spare on
the back I can use, if i can get help.

I called her; left a msg., said I can comply with everything but the
camper in seven days. Explained that, if she goes thru with this court
stuff, I'll b homeless. Asked for a little compassion and some more
time. Storage would b a minimum of fifteen bucks per month.

I'm also looking for other places to rent, but, I can barely cover the
rent here, and cleaning deposits, etc, will kill me.

I'm mostly scared for my animals. And I'm scared for my garden, as that
produces food and money.

I have been homeless b4. I automatically panic when my home is
threatened now. Can't control it. I'm making puppets as fast as I can to
sell, and waiting for cool of afternoon to remove fence.

Whatever I do to try to comply, she'll come up with something else,
anyway. She is demonizing me, and there's nothing I can do about it.
She's very paranoid, unstable and has no impulse control.

Ran into a former tenant of hers yesterday. She has done this to
practically every tenant here, except the old couple on the end, who are
friends of her father's.

To produce a 3-day notice of nonpayment of rent, on the DAY the rent is
due, is insane.

My rent is due on the 10th of the month, yet, every month, she's
knocking on my door on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. asing if I have the rent
for her yet.

I'm scared to death of her.

I'm shaking a lot, but making cat puppets anyway. Have one almost
complete, a Siamese, for Norma.

Called Mariposa Gallery today, where I MIGHT b able to sell some puppets
on consignment. Have to keeep calling til owner gets there.

I have a sick head ache. I'm not thinking clearly. Figured that out by
stupid mistakes I made, on a break, playing Solitaire on computer.

I'm afraid to interact with anybody when my mind is like this.

At least, I have pieces for 8 cat puppets cut out and one's ready to
assemble. It's even painted and stuffed; just waiting for paint to dry.

Gonna have to figure out how to get film, developing so I can post jpegs
online to sell these things, and the gourd bird feeders, too.

Right now, I"m on a short break to steady nerves, let cat paint dry.

Threat of homelessness is the best way to torture me.

I WAS going to work on crafts for the rest of my lease, apx. a month and
a half, earn a bunch a money, and try to move then, if I had to, before
the garden plants got too tall to transplant.

I'm alone here; no close friends or family. Moving is a nightmare.


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