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2.6/05 (rec'd from Donna - tomeegirl)

      Hey Norm!....I`m forwarding this e-mail

that i got from Donna.....I really don`t know what it means,maybe you do.But anyway,
she asked me to tell you.

I`ve been trying to phone your mother,at shoreview,but the line is busy.....As soon as i can get ahold of her,i`ll e-mail you on what time,i`ll be over.


Delivered-To:    maximoto@mailsorter-bryant.bryant.webtv.net
From:    tomeegirl@webtv.net (Donna)
Date:    Wed, Jun 5, 2002, 10:56am (PDT+2)
To:    Maximoto@webtv.net (Rich Matsumoto)
Subject:    Re: Fwd: Re: (rec'd from Donna - tomeegirl)

Well I may not be in chat Sun Rich so if you would tell Norm that some real life issuses are going on here and I may be offline for awhile. I may have to move and move quickly but I will be ok.