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11/15/00  New WebTV Network service upgrade page

1.2/06  Friends Don't E-Mail Friends HTML wirednews.com/ Harry hms56

The New York Times: Privacy on the Internet nytimes.com/
1.2/05  A New Trick Gives Snoops Easy Access to E-Mail nytimes.com/ Chet
11/22  Software to Track E-Mail Raises Privacy Concerns nytimes.com/


Discount domain registration, DNS, domain brokerage, domain appraisal, and Web hosting : buydomains.com/
The Ultimate Domain Name Resource, with Domain News, Articles and Discussion domainnotes.com/

10/06  BBC's cyber victory - Domain name "Squatting" news.bbc Chet

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11/20  Competing Visions of the Next Computer nytimes.com CHET 11/20

11/15  ABCNEWS.com : New Virus Hits 10 Fortune 500 Companies Just in Time for Christmas? The 'Navidad' Virus Is Worming Its Way Around Net

10/23  RealNetworks Seeks to Make Net Broadcasting Cheaper [I N S I D E] ty CHET
1/27/00  Streaming Shootout: RealPlayer vs. Windows Media PC World.com

9/07  Organic Computing- DNA 'Motors' for Computer Processing Creates a Stir  bell-labs.com

Long Distance - Call 4 Cents worldxchange.com ty Stan 11/19

The Onion | America's Finest News Source ty Efrem 11/23

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NBCi:Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Transition formerly XOOM.com

The Twelve Networking Truths rfc1925

9/07 -TV, WEB, CD, DVD, All in One NadaPC
8/29- Company to Market TV/DVD/Web Device NadaPC - ICEBOX
9/18/00 Update re: 11/30/99: WebPC from Dell copied email

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1.2/14  Deja UI too costly to save, Google boss tells Reg The Register Google killed Deja's front end to its newly acquired Usenet archive because maintaining it was judged too costly, co-founder and CEO Larry Page told The Register yesterday.

9/20 CNN.com CyberWar
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9/21 InternetNews AT&T Picks Liberate for Interactive TV Pilot

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9/28  All Linux Devices~ CoolLogic's End-to-End Internet Appliance OS: CoolLinuxAE pagoo 10/6

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