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Caramel's Real Audio House

Caramel's Album Finder

Search CD Now For Albums

Just type in the Artist name and you will be able to see all of the Artists different CD's.
You need to remember the Cover of the Cd or The name of the CD.

Validate Station for Pnm Strips

In the box below is a Station Validater, you type in the Station# from the list provided. You will see a B=___ just remove the ___ and type in the Station# and click on one of the Source Viewers.
You will be taken to a page with alot of pnm strips. This is an (Example) content/0/118/11200_1_1_07.rm the number after the word(content) is a Varible there are one of 5 numbers that you can use 0-5 If the song doesn't play on a one number just remove it and type in another number. The second set of numbers are the Artist Number & then the Album Number, then the Disc number & then the track number. After you have written or copied the Varible,Artist# & the Album# then you can go to the Pnm Tester.

Sonicnet Station Numbers

Look Up Album Covers

Window's Media Player Strip Tester

After you test your song on the pnm strip, in order for you to play the songs on your site this is one way to do it. I am at Geocities so it may be a little different at some other site. You need to start a new page and remove all the html in the box paste the strip there and name it titleofsong.html and save the page. then rename it titleofsong.ram. Thats it.

Sonicnet PNM Strip Tester