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Date:    Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 1:48pm (PDT+3)
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Hi Norm
I am trying to do a lot of different things today - Friday. I have medical tests on Monday.....

I did read what you wrote this morning -- I do want to follow up with you about the printer. The one thing I can say now - was I had _no_ idea that the HP932C could not - or is not supposed to use legal size paper - Hammermill is 8 1/2 by 11.
Two different people chose my paper for me -- one was Harry and the other was Robert ( the guy who got me "in touch ") with the printer...

Exactly what size am I supposed to use?

As far as I can figure out, the only way to turn on the computer is through the

I dont know what the other two bumps are for. The third bump lights up and blinks while the printer is printing.
It doesnt shut itself off - it remains quiet with a lit up bump after it has finished printing. So I go over and press that bump and it shuts off.

Each bump has an inscribed little sign on the top of it.

I have to get to the PO r-right now..

I also wrote Dennis and asked what was meant about the latest update offering _improvements in printing... since it wasnt "spelled out" - naturally, I was curious as to what the improvements are.

So last night some nameless male called me ( I was online and only have one phone line -) he left msg in voice mail that he was hoping to talk to me about a printing --apparently Dennis asked him to call) I would have emailed him - except no name.
This morning while I was out - he called again -Max Steiner _and said he would call next week -- well this is all impossible... I am busy - he is busy -

Must go -
Will write later today...

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Sent message From: tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi) Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 10:34am To: tomoyuki@webtv.net Subject: 1.6/22 1:49am  Re: # Keep Smiling #

From:    tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi)
Date:    Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 1:49am
To:    CynHoll@webtv.net (Hollingsworth)
Subject:    Re: # Keep Smiling #


I'm going to try to segregate your message into two parts...

Your printer and its buttons and indicator lights...

Your WebTV session and the panels and messages you see and interact with...

OK \
there are 3 identical buttons - I turn it on by the options and clicking on the word Print - on the screen
Button ( 3 of them )Not amber - not green - _no color at all.

Your printer

there are 3 identical buttons -
Button ( 3 of them )Not amber - not green - _no color at all.

- I turn it on by the options and clicking on the word Print - on the screen

My interpretation of your message ==

1. You are able to use the WebTV Options Panel PRINT button (or the subsequent Printer panel) to send a command instruction to the printer to POWER ON.

So you do not need to press the Power On button on the printer... physically.

Is this interpretation correct? I recall that either the Epson or Canon printers could react this way.... posts in the NG printerhelp.

2. Buttons on the printer ==

Both of my 600 Series printers only have to buttons, both are not colored - but are directly below its associated colored lamp (or indicator light).

Both buttons do have a printed label or name next to them.

power button = green lamp

other button = amber lamp (I can never remember how it is labeled - maybe Reset)

I have no other buttons or lamps - no red lights at all.
Can you describe how your 3 buttons are labeled (or named), and are they obviously associated with a indicator lamp - and what color?

OR are you saying that you have only 3 indicator lamps AND they are all RED?
found this

http://community-2.webtv.net/IOM/uploadpix/   Changed:3:27 PM on Saturday, April 28, 2001

I'm tired too

Wasted time -- having to repeat myself...

I enjoy troubleshooting, but effective communication is essential.

Withholding information causes -or worsens- misunderstandings.

Misunderstandings are hard to recognize without good communication - circular logic and nonsensical reasoning appear...

Cyn, this is not a personal accusation or anything in that nature. I am stating WHAT IS, and WHY.

You will see by the timestamp of this message how much I care about you. I have done nothing else since my previous message to you.

Were you referring to saving to Favorites when you were writing to Brian about the cruiseship pics?

Did you have to physically touch the printer's electrical power cord?

Have you performed a printer Test Page yet? Or could not follow my instructions (because you say the printer has 3 buttons? Names unknown to me...)

Can you power ON the printer without using WebTV?

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From:    CynHoll@webtv.net (Hollingsworth)
Date:    Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 1:45am (PDT+3)
To:    tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi)
Subject:    Re: # Keep Smiling #

OK \
there are 3 identical buttons - I turn it on by the options and clicking on the word Print - on the screen
Button ( 3 of them )Not amber - not green - _no color at all.

and as far as "wasting our time"

Sent message From: tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi) Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 10:18am To: tomoyuki@webtv.net Subject: 1.6/22_12:58am (PDT+3) OK -

Delivered-To:    tomoyuki@mailsorter-bryant.bryant.webtv.net
From:    CYN4@webtv.net (CYN)
Date:    Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 12:58am (PDT+3)
To:    Tomoyuki@webtv.net
Subject:    OK -

Once I took that end of the day shower - I felt better... had a glass of mik and returned to webtv to see what was what with what. I had__thought I saw "flashing" just briefly on the printer as it was finishing the printing of a page.
WELLLLL I put my nose down close to the one flashing light ( it does that when it is printing) and because it is dark behind the TV where the printer is --- what I thought was a second light -- was only the interior of the one light which was doing just what it was suppposed to do.
It was sort of left over light which showed up -bhind the second clear button of the three..... light in number one sort of spilled over to the second one -that's all.

SO until the ink is used up - I am once again fine with printer........ OH yes -
here is a dividend !
Candi - who lives on Cape Cod had an unexpected visitor - !!! yes siree-
a real WILD turkey....

Just like animals in the rainforest, the Cape is getting so built up- animals and birds are losing their usual living spaces in the wild....... sad -- but photogenic !

I have a friend in the Hamptons ( LI) who was sitting in his LR one Sunday with sliding glass doors closed - and he looks up and sees a very large face of a deer looking in at him ! There were others on the lawn out back as well.....

Again the woods are being taken over by builders - and the shift is taking place !

Goodnight #3 time

Included Page: http://community-2.webtv.net/meandtheboys1/CherryHouseholdWild/

Sent message From: tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi) Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 10:33am To: tomoyuki@webtv.net Subject: 1.6/21 9:55pm  Re: # Keep Smiling #

From:    tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi)
Date:    Thu, Jun 21, 2001, 9:55pm
To:    CynHoll@webtv.net (Hollingsworth)
Subject:    Re: # Keep Smiling #


The best way to determine the printer's operational condition is to print a "test" page.

The simplest test page can be performed by pressing the AMBER button while pressing the GREEN Power button.

A better diagnostic page can be performed by pressing the AMBER button 7 times while continuously keeping the green power button depressed. This will show you a good visual record of all three colors and also the black ink supply.

It frustrates me that you have still not tried these test pages.

You would have discovered the paper feed problem immediately...

I also mentioned that more than ONE red lamp (indicator light) makes me think that they are used to communicate different conditions - according to the pattern they light up...

This is a built-in hardware feature that should be listed in your Users Guide. This has nothing to do with WebTV.

Look under Error Indicator Codes (or similar) in the INDEX or Table Of Contents)

My printer manual refers to the capability of "low ink warnings", but I have NEVER seen them - they must only work when connected to a 'puter...

SO - print the test pages.

OR - remove an ink cartridge and examine it. Visually, if the cartridge is not opaque - my BLACK cartridges are see-through, but the Tri-Color is opaque.

The weight of the cart. is also noticeable when ink supply is getting low for the color cart...
Cyn, there was a time for EVERY WebTV user to learn how to do ANY / EVERY possible feature offered by our WebTV set.

I included the other folks in the addresses because of my reference to my absence, a lazy thing I can see now... sorry.

If you have saved all those instructions I emailed to you in the past - particularly about the printer - please PRINT them - so you will have not have wasted our time.

Delivered-To:    tomoyuki@mailsorter-bryant.bryant.webtv.net
From:    CynHoll@webtv.net (Hollingsworth)
Date:    Thu, Jun 21, 2001, 11:43pm (PDT+3)
To:    Tomoyuki@webtv.net
Subject:    # Keep Smiling #

You know, Norm, sometimes it is the worst thing one cn do - by going to bed upset and unhappy.
So -- at 11 - I watched the news on TV and opened some mail - and finally returned to the Printer.
I decided I would pick something from Favs - and thought this simple page would be good to try again and see if I could get the printer to work.

AND after I got the paper wedged into place again I printed this page. Then as it finished printing the page, I let it findish it's noises and as i pushed the off button on the printer - I noticed one of the two other lights give a brief flash....
I had never seen it do _that before..... and I think maybe it mean mean it is low on ink.....

***Doesnt your sister have this same printer? Could you please ask her if that is how the printer lets you know it is low on ink?

I really did PUSH the paper into the holder - roughly! I wasnt even sure if the P. could pick up a sheet and print on it ! BUT it did.

I feel better - and am really tired now.... Sorry about "fuss and feathers"
I hope you see why I got embarrassed now -- I dont like "learning " in
front of other people !
The way you had it set up - the whole world ( anyone looking at your site there) could tell I didnt know how to do such and such..........

If you dont understand that -- I dont think I can say it any
Listen - Norm
I shall always be fond of you
You really havent lost ground with me... not really.


Included Page: # Keep Smiling #

Sent message From: tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi) Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 10:29am To: tomoyuki@webtv.net Subject: 1.6/21 9:12pm  Re: Fwd: HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

From:    tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi)
Date:    Thu, Jun 21, 2001, 9:12pm
To:    PageFive@webtv.net (PageOne)
Subject:    Re: Fwd: HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

I am favoring the use of HUB in the sense of a central point that one can find info leading to various other destinations (or topics/subjects).

It is a short word, and would be a replacement "Title/Name" for MENU or TOC Table Of Contents, or even Site Map or MAIN Page, etc....

Picture the HUB as the central core of a spoked wagon wheel....

Come to think of it, I cannot recall any other definition for the word "hub"...

Sounds to me that there is a problem with the printer's electrical power. Check that the power cord is firmly p;ugged into the AC wall socket or power strip, and alsp the other end is securely inserted into the printer.

I normally leave my printer powered ON 24/7...

But when I came back from fishing a few days ago, I forgot to press the Power button to turn on my printer.

When attempting to print, I got a message next to the white icon of the page I wanted to print. Msg said "Either no printer connected, or power to printer is OFF."

That is a very old and misleading message, because if a printer was NOT connected - we would not have the PRINT option available to us...

So it was correct as far as the printer not being powered on (or turned on).

Most of the stuff in the booklet only applies to computer users.

WebTV compatible printers must function (operate) within the limited instructions of the WebTV Printer controlling programs.

For instance, we can only use letter-size paper - not legal (8.5 x 14")

Delivered-To:    tomoyuki@mailsorter-bryant.bryant.webtv.net
From:    PageFive@webtv.net (PageOne)
Date:    Thu, Jun 21, 2001, 10:59pm (PDT+3)
To:    tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi)
Subject:    Re: Fwd: HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

As I said it was because you were extending a teaching kind of thing - infront of all those in your address list on that email.

I am having ten fits!
I cant read the booklet of intstructions for the Hp932C - the print is so tiny ..
I printed a bunch of fractals for a present for my friend Angie - and everythi seemed to be OK
Went out today and came back after several hours - found something else I wanted to print - and clicked on it in options - and nothing happened. The printer light did not turn on the page on the screen remained white
- no writing(printing)
I got up and went over to it -it is behind the tv - and the paper was low - and rucked up so it was not fitting right --- as it had before.

I added some more paper and pushed it into the holder for it -- tried
printing -- machine would not turn on.

MAYBE it is out of ink?
How do I tell - and how do I take cartridges out of printer to look??

Well -- I am being silly - cuz you dont know this printer. so anyhow
I am feeling very cross
and am going to bed now...

Goodnight, Norm

All boxes are full - I am very upset about the printer.

Sent message From: tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi) Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2001, 10:23am To: tomoyuki@webtv.net Subject: 1.6/21 6:52pm Re: Fwd: HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

From:    tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi)
Date:    Thu, Jun 21, 2001, 6:52pm
To:    ludwig1770@webtv.net
Cc:    PageFive@webtv.net (PageOne)
Subject:    Re: Fwd: HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

I'm very sorry that I caused you embarressment (again).

I "unpublished" the HUB page...

Please enlighten me of the gaffe or faux pas or whatever it is that I don't seem to be aware of...

My social and diplomatic skills are very poor.

I hope I didn't reveal a private issue.

If it is not pointed out to me, I will never have a chance to learn/improve - be aware...

With apologies,

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From:    ludwig1770@webtv.net
Date:    Wed, Jun 20, 2001, 8:50pm
To:    PageFive@webtv.net (PageOne)
Cc:    tomoyuki@webtv.net
Subject:    Re: Fwd: HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

Cynthia: I'm going to get all that two! more times, in two different

I don't know if I can get back to Norlm, but, I wish to say "welcome back"!

From me, to you,


Visit: www.geocities.com/efremv
Write: efrem@geocities.com

Delivered-To:    ludwig1770@mailsorter-bryant.bryant.webtv.net
From:    PageFive@webtv.net (PageOne)
Date:    Wed, Jun 20, 2001, 11:03pm (PDT+3)
To:    Ludwig1770@webtv.net
Subject:    Fwd: HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

See what embarrassed me?

Delivered-To:    pagefive@mailsorter-bryant.bryant.webtv.net
From:    tomoyuki@webtv.net (tNorm Takahashi)
Date:    Wed, Jun 20, 2001, 6:43pm
To:    pagefive@webtv.net, briancarlin@earthlink.net, fireone@webtv.net, cher0316@webtv.net, ChetCop@webtv.net, loenbho@webtv.net, Efrem2@webtv.net, ka2cxj@webtv.net, heugene8587@qwest.net, lminorc@earthlink.net, T42@mailaroo.com, hms56@webtv.net, vgi2000@yahoo.com
Subject:    HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth

HUB for Cyn Hollingsworth  

I dunno... something urged me to do this, Cyn.

Dianne called me about getting an email asking about me.

By now, I hope y'all have noticed the message I put on this page

Norm's Menu-ADDs  

My biological clock has not yet reverted back to my normal "vampire" rhythm...

Love you all.