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From: (cynthia hollingsworth)
Date:    Fri, Feb 15, 2002, 9:19pm (PST+3)
Subject:    TODAY and tonight

Dear Norm
Thank you for writing back.
Today -- I could hardly wait for TODAY! That big burden I have been carrying for so long - has finally been lifted from my shoulders. And tonight - I really feel as if I have been reborn. I am so deeply grateful
for your Gift, Norm.

You and I both know that the "mind" is enormous and can stretch and stretch with so many varied subjects -- but the space which the B-thing was taking up was becoming - really overwhelming - always there - always worrisome.

It is something I wish I had thought of doing at least 6 months ago --- instead of just contemplating it.

Meanwhile the interests just piled up and up ---- I really feel that the 4 Bank credit cards got their return on me at least 3 times over ! Well --- I am sure that doesnt make sense to you -- but I_know what I mean.

So tonight - for the first time in some years I am going to bed without wondering what I can do ! It is DONE !
Goodnight, Norm
Love from,

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