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Google Search: berkeley FSM free speech movement 1960's

Google Search: berkeley FSM free speech movement 1960's {=8=}

Media Resources, University of California Berkeley

I think I told you that I was an activist in my college days? Me and my best friend, Carlos Rodriguez (1/2 Jewish mom, and dad was caucasian lawyer from Puerto Rico) got very involved with the FSM happenings.

He was attending UC Berkeley, and I was at SF State, but I began driving over to the Berkeley campus every afternoon, since I had no classes after 2pm.

It was an exciting and very moving experience during those weeks.  A rare assembly of the diverse student body -- even the sports jocks and fraternity snobs recognized the merit of the uprising.

The protests against obviously arbitrary regulations and inconsistant judgement on matters of permissable campus behavior were outrageous and blatant.

But you can read the archived reports... Mario Savio was an excellent speaker to the thousands of us... a graduate student in the Math department... who would have thought? 

I heard the news that he passed away of heart failure just last year or the one before... he was a math professor at a small college in Marin County, just across the GG Bridge, north of here.  Only a couple of years older than me.

You stirred some old memories, Cyn!! LOL


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