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From: (NormTakahashi97P/M Classic 2.4Retro)
Date:    Sat, Aug 25, 2001, 2:25pm
Subject:    new crop formation in UK - a "FACE" - need HELP please

1.8/24 (appended 8/25)

This is the FIRST image of a FACE to appear in a crop formation.

Authentication and analysis is currently ongoing - and causing a huge stir among the researchers in this field - (pun intended).

The face image can be seen now on the main page of Art Bell's site - it was posted early this morning while Art was still on the air LIVE.

~~ART BELL - Coast To Coast AM~~

Art Bell - Crop Circles

Art Bell - Hoagland Crop Glyphs

Art Bell - Hoagland Crop Glyphs Part Deux

Art Bell - Hoagland Crop Glyphs Part Deux

~~Linda Moultom Howe's~~
EARTHFILES - Headline News Changed:12:15 PM on Friday, August 24, 2001

EARTHFILES - Milk Hill 2001 - 409 Circles, Most For Any Crop Formation So Far Changed:1:46 PM on Saturday, August 25, 2001

Index of /img/

I want a copy of this FACE image, but am unable to access it for Transloading from the Art Bell page. It may be a "restricted" page to FTP clients...?

Linda also has it embedded on a page updated today, but it does not display. I think she goofed-up in her haste to publish it. My guess is the .jpg file contains graphics data in some other Format / MIME type....?

In her IMG Index, it is listed as 121K size, so it is not empty.
Crop circle at Milk Hill (2), Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August. Changed:3:40 AM on Saturday, August 25, 2001