BEFORE entering Rev's Chat with LeFantome's IRC interface, store Rev's audio URL in the CLIPBOARD for handy retrieval

1)  using COPY/PASTE, load audio URL into memory

Thursdays 5-7pm PT - RevTrip's Audio Wasteland

2)  use PASTE to store URL from memory in the Clipboard input area #1 - read these instructions before going to Clipboard (press BACK key to return here anytime to reread)

Clipboard  [Page 1]

3)  Now use any of LeFantome's IRCs to join chatroom

LeFantome's  [IRC3]1.8/05  [FantomeNet4TV IRC]  [FantomeNet4TV-webtvpals IRC]  [Net4TV_Chatroom]1.11/04

4)  to load audio feed=

1.3/22   Mike Shearer
Norm Takahashi San Francisco CA
SONY W250-WebTV Plus, HP697C DeskJet

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updated  2002.3/21