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LIVE Audio feed  http://www.chat4tv.com/listen/sunday2.ram

~~LIVE RealAudio feeds~~

Sundays 3-6pm PT  {4.0 sunday2.ram} • {G2 sunday.ram}

Thursdays 5-7pm PT - RevTrip's Audio WasteShow
 {G2-STEREO revtrip.ram} - (original Classics may crash)

THESE IRCs automaticaly JOIN to the Chat4TV room/channel

Chai and VB's Chat4TV Proxy IRC {http://irc.chat4tv.com/proxy/}  

You may need to enter /r --slash R-- to Refresh chat scroll, when IRC first loads

LeFantome's  {IRC3}   .  {FantomeNet4TV IRC}  
 {FantomeNet4TV-webtvpals IRC}   .  {Net4TV_Chatroom}

Dream-Chat / Expert-HTML IRCs to Chat4TV

Donna's {tomeegirl's IRC} • Driver70's {new2html.com}
LOBONE's {Lioness IRC} • U-L-T-R-A's {cgi IRC-3}
VIPER's {Viper Chat6}

Diane Dumas' Chat4TV - audio needs fixing 5/07/02
 {IRC2} • {IRC4} • {IRC6}  1.11/04

These WebTV IRCs work with Chat4TV - but are directed elsewhere

^aSheWolf^'s  {Dream Chat} Main Entrance
Dream-Chat.net  {IRC LAUNCHER}

APBHOrg_Chat {Schedule}  tomeegirl  2.5/14
Driver70's Chat IRC {for APBHOrg_chat}

Chai and VB's Proxy IRC  for APBHOrg_chat at Dream-chat 2.8/28 Norm = stil testing

Wes's IRCs for WebTV  Ozzmozis/  2.3/11  was mimes.com/irc
1.5/08  A MiMe's IRCs for WebTV  mimes.com/irc see Wes's  2.3/11

2.8/08  Talk City closes shop -Tech News- {CNET.com} witchy
2.2/21  terri's funnypages  {LMBO.swf}  Witchy  2.7/20

1.8/06  Furler's PC Tutorial:  Using a PC in Chat4TV  {mIRC4TV}  mIRC4tv
1.7/13  IRC Connection Problems {irchelp.org}  for PCs

Friends of Net4TV  Latest Info

Norm Takahashi San Francisco CA

~~Norm's Racket~~ {SiteNav}  •  {RADIO}

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