1.1/27 Pam on Stardrops B-Day

From:    (*Stardrops*)
Date:    Wed, Nov 14, 2001, 11:25am (PST+3)
To:    normtaka
Subject:    Fwd:Hope it opens..

My birthday....

From:    (Diamondeve™)
Date:    Sat, Jan 27, 2001, 3:56pm
To:    (*Stardrops*)
Subject:    Re: IMPORTANT!!

Ok girlfriend, I have to snap you out of this, and you should be celebrating, if I was there we'd be painting the town red!!

    Just stop to think of all your blessings, your Mom, kids, friends that love u, and it's when we dont look, that love finds us, when we are whole inside, and reflect that to the world.

I too felt as you, where is he? and the white picket fence? kids?

Didn't happen for me either, and we're both great looking, loving, have a lot to offer, but still young enough for love to find us.

I thought I'd be married before my sis, have 3 or 4 kids,

Lost a little boy at 5 mos, misc. at 40, lost mom in 85 of cancer, in 86 lost love of my life to brain tumor, baby in 90, job of 17 yrs in 91, brother in 96, but i've turned it around to the lessons, love they gave me, and how I can make the most of what's left.

So CHEER up my FAERY goddess, he's out there for you!!

love you!!

Have a glass of wine and lnvite a friend over,

Yom. will be bright too!!