1.9/05  Re: Diamondeve: trouble with HMO

From:    witchyway@webtv.net (Witchy Way)
Date:    Wed, Sep 5, 2001, 2:09am (PDT+2)
To:    rodtaka@webtv.net (rNorm Takahashi)
Subject:    Re: Fwd: Re: diamondeve: on gifs and jpgs

the f*cking hmo killed her. she has been fighting with them for months. they wouldnt pay for her tests, she just switched. we thought it was her gallbladder...turned out her bowl exploded in ER...

then her back....she would write me as often as she would get out of bed....her back was hurting....sure....turns out there was a bone broken. pamela didnt have to die. i am very very angry as is stardrops & mayen

she only had he sister & nephews no other family.

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in memory of
Pamela E. Northrup
September 3, 2001

"may she ride like the wind"