1.9/09 Stardrops~Re: ˛Šiamondeve's pages

From:    (*Stardrops*)
Date:    Sun, Sep 9, 2001, 11:56pm (PDT+3)
To:    (Norm Takahashi)
Subject:    Re: ˛Šiamondeve's pages

Take the marque and use it wherever you like...

I knew she was sick for all these years... Still horrible shock.
I've missed her so much...
don't know how cyber life will be without her...

Your pages are great.

Thank you for making them.

~†~...I guess she needed rest from all the pain.....ßut we have lost so much....our sweet friend..~Šiamondeve~Her light is now the brightest in the Heavens....09-03-01~†~...~