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1.10/27 Duane~ baby2.jpg

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From:    (C. C.)
Date:    Sun, Oct 28, 2001, 2:06am (PST+3)
Subject:    Fwd: baby2.jpg

scroll to his sig....miss Pam too

From:    (Duane)
Date:    Sat, Oct 27, 2001, 7:31am (PST+1)
Subject:    baby2.jpg

Good Morning,
How's everyone this morning? I hope you all are doing well.   Are you
ready for halloween?
Sorry for not keeping in touch more often, but I seem to have lost my passion for this thing lately. But it's coming back.... slowly.

I spent last weekend in Pomona helping with Pammie's house and brought home another pickup load of her stuff to store until Renee decides what to do with it all.

We're finally getting some fall weather here... cooling off and
overcast today... it's about time!
Not much happening here... just work and back everyday. We had an anthrax scare at work on Tues. but tuned out to be a hoax. The guy who sent it put his return address on it... Duh!!   so the FBI drove right to his house and arrested him.   Not too bright!

Well, I guess I better get off my duff and get some work done around here... ok, after another cup of coffee!   btw, check out the baby pic.... ain't he cute! ;-) Cy'all later... Take care!


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