1.9/05  Cyn Re:Pam

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From:    Cyn H.
Date:    Wed, Sep 5, 2001, 12:42am (PDT+3)
To:    NormTaka, Cher
Subject:    Pam

Needless to say -tonight after attending a send off party for a 94 year old good friend who is to wind up in a nursing home on Thursday - coming home and watching some excellent tennis - and snoozing - I was horrified to read that Pam didnt make it.
I am so sympathetic about Duane's loss.
Losing an online friend he has been close to for 4 years - must be a terrible blow for him.

In 1967, my father died of a massive heart attack from smoking and had emphysema for some years before. He was in London on business with my mother and my son.....and since he was a total Anglophile, and loved being cared for in a British Hospital, he was pleased to be in London when he died.
His ashes were scattered over the Thames - just as he wanted.

Now - both of you also were very close to Pam - I offer my condolences.

I am such a late bloomer trying to learn new skills which most of you learned years ago, I never really knew that much about Pam except that I knew you both were her _very good friends...

Please - Please send my very best to Duane - or you may send on this note - if it would be easier.

My love to you both,