From: (Petro)
Date:    Wed, Feb 20, 2002, 2:51pm (PST+3)
To: (NormTakahashi97P/M Classic 2.5.7print)
Subject:    Re: Remote Linking - Email Sigs - WTV PageBuilder/Scrapbook - pics & sound

Norm thanks for the info and large print email messages. I already knew about remote linking and the bandwidth problem.

The eudora webmail site cannot be used by us WTV users. I tried to register and it says that javascript must be turned "on". And I can't do that. If I were to register on a computer first and then I maybe able to log in under WTV. But I am not so sure if this will work either.

But thanks to you - you sent me Beth's web address and was able to find an interesting site but it is CLOSED.

It says you can forward your email that contains the .wav attachment to it. I didn't read all the instructions. After the files are uploaded on an account at that site (this site is only for personal use - not public
- web pages are not to be given to others). So my idea is after ones has all his graphics and sound files at the site in his/her account is to transload these files to Geocities or other host he/she may have. Reanme the files and keep everyone happy. No remote linking. This should work.

The only thing I am not sure is how does grab these wtv .wav attachments we make on our own and creates a file name for it when the .wav attachment is forwarded to it.

Sure hope the pbstorage site opens soon.