2.2/21 Re: NEW Cher/address/phone

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norm if u send the lbb b4 wednesday please send to new address c/o janet gwinn

still packing! where are those damn keebler elves...i need some help here! ;-)

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thanks! u can send the package whichever way is cheapest. & whichever
way is most convenient for u.
too bad they dont deliver at nite ...we are all nocturnal...

btw.. janet are 9 yrs younger than i...so we grew up more as sisters.

neil comes from an interesting family...his father was a civil engineer & very close o a gov appt in washington. they lived for many years in pakistan & egypt..

i just unpacked some boxes i had in 1 closet , emptied junk i dont want & using them to repack. taking very little except my bed, chests, clothes, wall unit, books & like that. have 2 more closets to zip through. getting rid of xmas decorations...which i have tons of but keeping halloween! toooo much shit! dont use it & dont want it. lots of artsy craftsy supplies i'm giving to a friend who volunteers at a hospital.

this will be the easiest move as i'm not dragging furniture.

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Thanks for the vital stats.....

When sending you the SONY new PLUS W250 box, what method is best at the new address?

UPS, Postal Service, or Castaway's outfit (brain block...) ????

Here's something I just found - a flash Mandala

If the first two links don't work, then the next 2 SHOULD - with the lycos inserted... then the first 2 will be workable.... in theory.

http://normtaka.tripod.com/VIS/Mandala.swf Changed:2:07 PM on Wednesday, February 20, 2002

http://members.tripod.com/~normtaka/VIS/Mandala.swf Changed:2:07 PM on Wednesday, February 20, 2002



Wierd, but occasionally my LOGO graphics get bumped with Tripod's "file hosted by..." pic instead.

It displays on the Recents Display and the INFO panel... and also in
Favorites folders....

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Cheryll Chauncey
821 S Williams St
Apt #G-100
Westmont, Illinois

moving in with

janet & neil gwinn
(my neice)

i'm back here packing. i'll be moving entirely out next tuesday. i'll probably get a second phone line for webtv as they have 2 pc's (& a laptop) in there. so when i do will give that to u. i'll be back online as soon as i get hooked up.

the offer has been a standing one forever. i just decided to do it. this should be interesting. i've lived alone for 14 years. i dont like it here, where i live & have been thinking of moving out for for the past 6 yrs. my neice plans to move to oklahoma in a yr & a half. i've the option to stay in du page county, or go with. dunno yet.

love cher