2.3/09 Stardrops~It's true....

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Subject:    ~It's true....

~I have cancer...ironic and unbelievable as it seems.

For many weeks, I have been going thru tests upon tests...and this week several more.

I used try to diet thinking I was getting fat in my stomach.....my left ovary is as large as a baby...I look 7 or 8 months pregnant now.

The cancer markers are all elevated...
;_( But none in my liver~! Yay!

I've been sent to an oncologist/gyn surgeon named Cynthia Angel from Rochester.

I like her very much and know that she is thorough. My surgery was scheduled for
this week...the 15th....and something...well, she has to make me have a few more tests, so its scheduled for
March 28th at 7amEST in Rochester.

~I asked her if that date is written in stone this time and she said it sure is.

She is go to know exactly where to go when she does the surgery. Besides the ovary itself but to where it is spreading to. No guessing, no "exploratories".

I really did not want to write some of you until the date was confirmed....please forgive the late news.

~My son, Anthony will be in touch with my cyber brother, Moondogee when I am in the hospital.

~Angelina doesn't want the e-mail job.... She is standing by me and taking me to all these appointments and trying to hide her devastation....She and my sister, "Dr Teena" have been to every doctor appointment with me and in the conferences with the doctors with me.

~I hate it when I walk into the kitchen or living room and see she's been crying....

Anthony is a positive thinker....he is a strength unbounding.....

He will tell me things to keep in mind and I'll look at him and say,"OK, honey."
And he'll exclaim..."YOU were my teacher...you know how to believe and
vision and pray."

I was cleaning out all my drawers and closets etc...and he came over to see me...sternly said, "You are =not= doing this, Mom. This is not believing."

Half smiling, I said,
"I just want everything nice to come home to." But he knew, I was just trying to make their job easier if 'anything' happens.

I haven't been online very much.
There is a constant state of weakness and total lack of energy....

I try to get on for a few minutes each day....but somedays don't make

I'm writing to ask for prayers....or even just a good thought beamed,
all works together for good....

I know women have beat ovarian cancer and that is a comfort.

Even my cyber mother, Ginger, had a different cancer---uteran---and beat it.
She's a ray of light and glory in my life.

I won't be writing again for a while.
But I don't think Moondogee, my wuvvy duvvy "bro", will mind keeping you up to date. I felt it would be easier for Anthony to have one contact person.

I'm sorry to anyone who feels I've hurt them...I know I have not been myself in a few months...please do not judge me...I've been overwhelmed emotionally and physically...and so drained...

Dr. Angel wants me to meet Dr. Ong this week...he is a cardiac surgeon and cardiologist. He is going to be there throughout the surgery as my heart has been acting up for a while now.

My own cardiologist in Geneva fully approves and was happy to hear Dr. Ong will be with me. So I feel he must be wonderful...my sister Teena had him a long time ago for her heart disease.

This is becoming a book...I will sign off...please do not use "REPLY-ALL"...that always gets me in trouble...teehee...

Love you all very much and appreciate all the fun we have shared on our webtv's together.