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2.3/13 Vern~Back on MSNTV

NEWSFLASH just in - Vern Isbell returns to WebTV/MSNTV !

From:    vg02@webtv.net (Vernon Isbell)
Date:    Wed, Mar 13, 2002, 10:10am
To:    normtaka
Subject:    Back on MSNTV

I received my Sony W200 Monday. Decided to try it and it dialed in and went to account set up.

I just received a call from CitiBank and they noticed that WebTV sent four payment authorizations of $1 each and then sent the $24.95 charge and Citi paid it.

The bank said it went thru several hands at WebTV to do the $1 authorizations.

So maybe my new account was redflagged, but they decided to allow me back on?

I sent the letter to Mountain View saying Tod Manning agreed to let me back on the service, so please reinstate my service as agreed.

I also have the AOLTV box. It has Real Audio 3.0, and in Favorites there is a link to Liberate.

It's nice to leave the computer off and enjoy the web on the 25" tv.

Have a good week.


So, everybody - why not write to Vern to welcome him back -AND- urge him to restore his RADIO site...??!!!

Norm Takahashi