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2.4/06 Very Sad News re Nobu McCarthy

From:    JoeOzu@aol.com
Date:    Sat, Apr 6, 2002, 11:11pm (PDT+2)
Subject:    Very Sad News re Nobu McCarthy
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Folks, I just got a very sad phone call from Greg Watanabe.   He had just gotten a call from Tamlyn Tomita over in Brazil where she and Nobu McCarthy were making a film. Nobu passed away around 6:00 our time today.   Evidently she had been rather sick and had been in the hospital there with the pneumonia and low sodium.   She had been feeling better and left and was working, however, returned to the hospital today.   She passed away at the hospital. I don't have more details than that but I wanted to pass along the sad news.   Best, Philip.