From: (ccNorm Takahashi) Date: Fri, Jun 7, 2002, 11:58pm To: Subject: 2.6/05 diane/rich Re: Your Operation!!

Date:    Wed, Jun 5, 2002, 8:46pm (PDT+3)
Subject:    Re: Your Operation!!

HI Richard...Thanks for your concern about my surgery. I was in the hospital last Wednesday for some ovarian cysts that were quite large. They had to remove them and thankfully, were benign. So, I am now at home, recuperating for the next couple of weeks. I'm glad I had the surgery and that everything turned out to okay. I'm resting comfortably reading, resting and watching t.v. Sounds pretty good, eh?
Richard, how are you doing? I understand from Norman that you had to get some medical work done because of stomach ulcers? Are you ok? I hope you're feeling better, too. I just read an article about brocholli and that it's good for stomach ulcers and stomach cancers. Some chemical in the vegetables is supposed to retard and minimize the illness. So, be sure you eat lots of brocholli.
By the way, great email address name.