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2.8/11  Well, you've never seen THIS

From:    (CYN)
Date:    Tue, Sep 10, 2002, 7:32pm (PDT+3)
To: normtaka  
Subject:    Fwd: Well, you've never seen THIS

Hi Norm
If I sent you this before - excuse me... It is very appealing - isnt it...

and you have sent me what looks to be a splendid grouping of Kyoto Photos - so many subjects- too ----- thank you so much ! After I look at them tomorrow I shall write again....

It has been fiendishly hot here the past two days ---I look forward to next April to replacing the two burned out 22 yr old ac's ! Having ac makes all the difference in the world.....I simply cant function in this heat .

From:    (Efrem)
Date:    Sun, Aug 11, 2002, 9:51pm
To:    Cyn
Subject:    Well, you've never seen THIS

This is a big "gamble"!

Love to you,


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