12/02/00  Brian goes nuts with Camera

From: kb6nvh@cox.net (Brian Carlin)

Date: Sat, Dec 2, 2000, 11:22am

Subject: Brian goes nuts with Camera

Brian discovers the low-resolution mode on the camera and takes a self-portrait with the timer. You get to see the back of the Graphite iMac special edition.

I borrowed a friend's Olympus D-490 digital camera so I'm testing all the features. I used the fill-in flash even though it's daylight. The camera is about 15 feet away and I used the telephoto digital mode at 2x magnification. The camera is mounted on a mini-tripod I found in the corner of the bedroom, which works very well.

Next thing to try is to make a 60 second Quicktime movie.

PC020001.JPG (jpeg attachment)

Brian was a WebTV Plus user until he switched to his iMac at the end of 2000. Formerly at Apple Computer, Cupertino CA, Brian conducts classes teaching the AppleScript programming language in Santa Barbara Ca. - Norm

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