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1.3/07  Inside the Federal Reserve - Sun 3/11 radio WorldNetDaily Stan 3/10
1.2/13  NOVA Online ~ Lost King of the Maya nova/maya/ PBS 3-part Series starting 2/13
NOVA Online ~ Lost King of the Maya | Resources resources

PBS - Secrets of the Pharaohs: home pbs.org/wnet/pharaohs/
PBS - Secrets of the Pharaohs: resources esources

Black.Magic.Woman~2:52ram ~3:18ram For.What.It's.Worth~2:40ram Frozen.ET.Blues~3:53ram Hotel.California~7:12ramHellFreezesOver Journey.Of.The.Sorcerer~6:37ram Merlin's.Time~2:42ram Nostradamus~13:06ram One.Of.These.Nights~4;51ram Respect.The.Wind~5:49ram Season.Of.The.Witch~4:56ram Snow.On.The.Sahara~3:40ramST Storms.In.Africa~4:09rpm Superstition~3:59ram Visions~3:58rpm Werewolves.Of.London~3:28ram White.Rabbit~2:34ram Whiter.Shade.Of.Pale~4:03ram Witchy.Woman~4:13ram Year.Of.The.Cat~6:45ram

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Art Bell Returns artbell.com/
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Hieronimus And Company 21stcenturyradio.com/ Paranormal talk radio
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1.1/19  About Bob and Zoh and Current Projects ~Audio Archives~
4/24/98  MARS-Cydonia Face & Monuments; Meteorites ~55:48ram Drs Van Flandern, Brandenburg

WCBM.com - Home Page AM680 Baltimore MD
AM680 WCBM - Talk Shows Schedule

Jeff Rense rense.com SIGHTINGS On The Radio
4/22/99  RODS - Jose Escamilla on Jeff Rense's SIGHTINGS On The Radio rods_90422.ram
1.1/01  Night Search nightsearch.net/
1.1/26  Night Search The Midsouth's First UFO/ Paranormal Talk Radio Show MAIN


AlienZoo alienzoo.com
Archaeology Channel archaeologychannel.org Nov 24, 2000
Coast To Coast AM ~Talk Radio artbell.com Art returns 2/5/01
Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeology mcremo.com
EARTHFILES Reported and edited by Linda Moulton Howe earthfiles.com
Enterprise Mission enterprisemission.com Richard C. Hoagland
Exploring Ancient World Cultures eawc.evansville.edu 1/02
Far Shores Ancient Mysteries farshore.force9.co.uk
12/19  Adrian Gilbert VARIOUS topics adriangilbert.co.uk Cher 1/03
4/12  Terence McKenna Land deoxy.org/mckenna.htm R.I.P.
Nature Journals Online nature.com
NEXUS MAGAZINE - nexusmagazine.com
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Immanuel Velikovsky Archive Nov 25, 2000
Weird Mysteries europa.com/edge/ Apr 19, 2000
Weird Oddities WebRing
Whitley's World DREAMLAND whitleysworld.com

11/19/99  HAPPY ODD DAY !;-) odd-day_111999 Cher


Rejuvenation and Unveiled Hidden Phenix: Carlos Castaneda Shamanism Plus Alpha After His Death amazon.com/ Norm 3/05

1.2/24  The Facade - Thriller UFO Alien Reality vs. Christianity facadenovel.com/ Cher
1.2/24  The Facade ~ Mike Heiser thefacade Cher

1.2/10 The Spear of Destiny spearofdestiny.qt
1.1/03  Whitley Strieber's New Book whitley
0.2/02  Author overcomes nerves to collaborate with Arthur C. Clarke CNN.com/clarke.baxter/
10/21  A. E. Van Vogt and General Semantics sundial.net


1.2/15  US team finds treasure in Moche tombs in Peru Peru-tombs Chet
1.1/02  Lost City at The Grand Canyon hypertextstudios.com/ Egyptian Artifacts in the Grand Canyon - Phoenix Gazette 4/05/1909
10/06  India~ ANCIENT CITY FOUND, IRRADIATED FROM ATOMIC BLAST [RG-Discussion] india_nukedcity Cher

Archaeology archaeology.about.com/ Cher

Archaeology Ring WebRing: Navigation archeoring&list

USATODAY.com/archaeology/ archaeology-index.htm
1.2/11  Vesuvius' Lava Hid Classic Library: Artistotle, Vergil Texts vesuvius Chet

12/20  Hints emerge on Easter Island mystery usatoday.com/
10/29  Mystery of the Anasazi usatoday.com/
10/19  World's Oldest Brush Huts usatoday.com/
10/19  Preserving America's lunar visit apollo925.htm" One small step for a man, one giant job for archaeologists
9/13  Black Sea~ Explorer finds new evidence of great flood usatoday.com/

10/31  ORIENTAL INSTITUTE WWW HOMEPAGE asmar.uchicago.edu
12/04  ABZU PROJECT INDEX asmar.uchicago.edu
12/08  Abzu: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet oi.uchicago.edu
11/16  Ur Home Page asmar.uchicago.edu

a few dig pix 1-a-1dig.html Harry 1.1/15
1/14  An Australian Zircon Crystal is 4.4 Billion Years Old earthfiles.com

12/12  Before There Was E-Mail Modern Humorist Chet
11/13  Ethics of Sumer, Babylon, and Hittites by Sanderson Beck san.beck.org Cher 12/23
11/06  Ancient two-legged lizard intrigues scientists arabia.com
10/31  Mystery Of The Mound Matrix moundmatrix.com Cher 12/06

11/25  Forbidden Archeology Newsflash ••• Cher 11/26
FS Ancient Mysteries: Evidence for Ancient Catastrophe Found At Devils Lake, Wisconsin Cher 11/22
11/09  Ancient Pompeii Hilton's VIVID FRESCOES CHET
10/04  Ancient Urban Tomb: sciam.com

0.3/22  Archaeology-1 gypsydsjourney Cher 11/27
OAK ISLAND activemind.com


Rods Index - Jose Escamilla roswellrods.com/ Cher 2/19
9/30  Radio KAOS! - Rods Page rods.html

Monsters - Index tje.net/para/monsters/
Chupacabras tje.net/para/terms/chupacabras
El chupacabra online www.elchupacabra.com home of the mysterious chupacabra unexplained creature kingkongvsgodzilla.com/chupa/



12/05  'Dealing With the Devil' -- Exorcists in Demand Across U.S./Ancient ritual lives on thanks to faithful few sfgate.com
10/18  Making Demonic Possession Seem Plausible: sciam.com

8.1/06  The Ouija Board afterlifech24.html Cher 1/30


1.2/26  Egypt forbids extraction of DNA from mummy arabia.com/ Cher

1.2/21  Sun to Illuminate Inner Sanctuary of Pharaoh's Temple news.nationalgeographic.com/ Cher 2/26

~lionessintn's Imap2 Image Map Page index-2.html
~lionessintn's PHARAOHS - GODS - GODDESSES GodsandGoddess.html Cher 2/04

1.1/27  Egypt Revealed egyptrevealed.com/
1.1/27  Ancient Musical Instrument Sounds Off ancientmusic.htm Cher 1/28
1.1/19  The Egyptian Predynastic EgyptianPredynastic.html
12/12  Tombs from the dawn of history found usatoday.com/
11/29  Modern tools unwrap mummies' mysteries usatoday.com/
10/19  The lost city at Giza usatoday.com/
12/31  Curse of the mummy's tomb invented by Victorian writers independent.co.uk Cher 1/10
12/14  "Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon?" AlienZoo News Cher 12/15
12/12  [Amun] King Tut DNA Test Postponed tut-dna Cher 12/15
12/11  Scientists, archaeologists and historians will unravel the mystery of Egypt's sunken cities eurekalert.org Cher 12/15
11/28  Four-thousand-year-old tomb found in Egypt arabia.com Cher11/29
11/22  Archaeologists find tomb from era of pharaohs arabia.com
11/19  EARTHFILES - Great Pyramid At Giza - Star Alignment Might Determine Age
11/16  Dating Giza's Pyramids: sciam.com
11/08  Experts to Test King Tut's DNA : ABCNEWS.com Cher11/12
11/07  Archaeologists dig for lost pharaoh in Egypt desert arabia.com
10/24  Archaeologists unearth Pharaonic solar barge arabia.com
The Key to the Great Pyramid kjohnson Cher11/29
10/04  The Plateau - Dr. Zahi Hawass Main Gate GIZA

Ancient Egypt Research Associates fas.harvard.edu


1.1/23  Japan Legend, Jesus emigrated there jesus-japan Brian

10/08  Windsor-Bush Bloodline davidicke.com Cher 1/14
9/23  Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy (Morgana's Observatory) carme.htm Cher 12/05

12/09  Rennes le Chateau, The mystery rennes-le-chateau.com ref: "HolyBlood,HolyGrail" Norm 12/06
San Graal School of Sacred Geometry sangraal.com Cher 11/27
Feb/Mar 98  The Grail Bloodline - The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail nexusmagazine.com Cher 11/26 Dagobert's Revenge Magazine - Musick 
Magick Monarchism

Ancient Civilizations: Freemasonry knight-lomas.com Cher 11/02
12/03  Grand Hailing Sign of Distress hand Cher 12/06
4/16  The Men's Club - Ex-Masons for Jesus Cher 12/06
2/15  How can you explain the resemblances between Masonry and the LDS temple? mormons.org Cher

10/06  Secret Societies, Origins and Rituals -Alien Astronomer secret.html
7/16  Timeline to Global Governance sovereignty.net "New/One World Order" ~ secret puppetmasters~ Norm 12/28



1.2/19  arthur.jpg enterprisemission.com/ Cher
1.2/18  sts98plume nasa.gif Cher
1.2/14  The Mars Face, Eros' Heart: The Real Story Behind Mysterious Space Photos space.com/

1.2/08  The Face Gets a Face Lift -- Courtesy Michael Malin? ENTERPRISE Cher

The Electric Warrior : Front Page
1.2/01  Mars Online: Face on Mars electricwarrior.com/

1.1/09  "Apollo"~Alan Dean - 'Patent-Leather' Truth lunaranomalies.com Cher
12/26  mooned? NASA Hoax?? Cher
12/14  New report offers compelling evidence of Mars life CNN.com - Space Cher 12/20
12/07  Evidence of Past Life on the Moon Raises New Questions About the Origin of Life on Earth lunaranomalies.com Cher 12/11
12/05  A Water World on Mars? sciam.com
12/05  'Garbage Can' Camera Spots Surprise on Mars/It finds rocks that may conceal ancient fossils sfgate.com
12/04  MGS MOC Images Suggest Early Mars History is Recorded in Sedimentary Rocks Mars Global Surveyor~ MOC Releases MOC2-259 to MOC2-265 Cher 12/12

11/09  enterprisemission.com/ skeptik CSICOP Turns its Eye on Hoagland -- And Gets it Blackened in The Attempt ty Cher 11/10
11/07  lunaranomalies.com/ Lunar Anomalies Homepage norm 11/10
Malin Space Science Systems Home Page official MARS Photos
11/06  BBC News | SCI/TECH Mars may still rumble ty Cher 11/08
11/10  Link Of The Day: Searching for Extraterrestrials Chet
9/18  Why Martians Don't Exist?: sciam.com

San Graal School of Sacred Geometry sangraal.com Cher 11/27
3/22  Science-2 gypsydsjourney Cher 11/27

The Enterprise Mission enterprisemission.com/ Richard C. Hoagland
The Monuments of Mars : A City on the Edge of Forever Amazon.com
8/29  sarah1.gif sarah1.gif
8/29  sarah2.gif sarah2.gif
8/29  shard.jpg shard.jpg


10/20  Korea Times Perspective~ Legendary `Flowers´ Blooming on Buddha Statue at Chonggye-sa hankooki.com Cher 1/14
X-Project: The Bennington Triangle xprojectmagazine.com Cher 1/08
12/27  timely observations & ladybug epidemic in dead of winter strange Cher
12/03  MAN AND THE UNKNOWN: (sound clips) Chet 9/30, posted 12/07
Paranormal voices, New Age, mysticism, survival after death, psychology of sects, future, art, cinematographica

Sherry's Paranormal Links!!! norm 11/10
11/20  Links From Sky click Cher

Nazca Lines and Ica Stones of Peru, Chilca Healing Pools, Pachacamac Solar Temple, Machupicchu, Sacsayhuaman - June 2-16, 2001 at labyrinthina.com ica.htm Cher 3/02
11/15/99  The Mysterious Ica Stones - Paranormal Phenomena/The Unexplained paranormal.about.com Cher
11/11/99  PSI TECH, Inc. Technical Remote Viewing - Ed Dames on the Art Bell Show trv-psitech.com/news/EgyptAir990

X-Project Paranormal Magazine Cher
X-Project Magazine: Cryptozoology Q&A by Aly Julian

Uri Geller's Reference Page chet
Skeptic's Dictionary: psychic detectives cyn


12/15  "John Keel's THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES in production for the big screen" by Paul Davids AlienZoo Cher 12/20
9/19  Kuan Yin Prophecies kuonindex Cher 1/13

12/01  giant rock emissaryoflight.com/

12/25  Prophecies of the Q'ero Incan Shamans drrichboylanreports Cher 1/12
11/18  Cheney, Lieberman and Tecumseh's Curse yowusa.com Cher 1/02
12/02  Native American Prophecies (Morgana's Observatory) atlas.htm
10/10  Prophecy Rock -- Prophecies from Dan Katchongva (Morgana's Observatory) iapetus.htm
9/23  Hopi Prophecies -- Various Interpreters (Morgana's Observatory) pan.htm Cher 12/16
9/23  Hopi Prophecies and Messages to the United Nations (Morgana's Observatory) telesto.htm
6/30  Parallels Between the Hopi and the Ancient Sumerian Cultures - Robert Morningsky (Morgana's Observatory) parallel.htm
5/07  Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing timesoft.com Cher 12/21

5/23  Are you looking for a path with heart toltecas.com/

Axiom - the Prophets Conferences and other special gatherings bridging shamanism, science and spirituality ••• Nov 5, 2000
1.1/17  Psychic Sylvia Browne - Predictions - 408.379.7070 sylvia.org/predict.htm Cher 1/22
12/30  Sean David Morton delphiassociates.org Cher

Predictions - Index tje.net/para/predictions/
Nostradamus tje.net/para/nostradamus/
Nostradamus Index (Morgana's Observatory) 12/19

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Alternative 3 ufos.miningco.com
The BLACK VAULT - FOIA archive Main 2/17
Dr Richard BOYLAN's Official Web Site UFOs Cher 11/30
Dr Richard Boylan Reports ListBot - View Archive Cher 1/12
Filers Files filersfiles.com/
Secrets, Mysteries, UFOs & Aliens Zone lonezone.com
1.1/18  UFOMAG.COM: UFO Magazine Online ufomag.com/

UFOMAN -Bill Bean SWUSA ufoman.net/ October 26, 2000

BUFOD Webring bufod&list
National UFO Reporting Center nwlink.com/~ufocntr/ Peter Davenport

1.2/23  News from Whitley Strieber whitley_10223
Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology Indian_Tech.shtml Cher 2/04

1.1/16  Dreamland Resort dreamlandresort.com/
8/21  Overhead: Groom Lake - Area 51 fas.org/
5/31  GroomWatch : Home Page for Norio Hayakawa eaglehost.com/
3/09  GroomWatch : Home Page for Norio Hayakawa groomwatch/index-backup.html
0.6/25  The UnMuseum - Area 51 area51.htm

1.1/25  China's Shenzou-2 Spacecraft Buzzed by UFO Source: Filer's Files #3 1/16/01 http://www.filersfiles.com caus.org/ Cher
1.1/23  "Alien Choir" Photographed abduct.com/

1.1/02  Dr Jonathon Reed's Alien Encounter odysseylink.net/
0.2/09  The Alien Autopsy - The Roswell Link filersfiles.com/
0.1/07  The UnMuseum: The Iranian Sightings iran.htm Cher 1.1/28

11/28  "Baffling Starchild Skull case now in 'the terrible twos'" by Lloyd Pye AlienZoo
11/21  "UFO Abduction in Chile" AlienZoo
11/02  Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Saw a Flying Saucer 42 Years Ago CAUS Cher
9/12  UFOs and giants spotted in Holy Land -- Barry Chamish yardbird.com Cher 1/09


Dr. Evelyn Paglini's Mystical Blend! mysticalblend.com/

Ostara - 3/21 Vernal Equinox nwlc.com/Wicca/Sabbats/ostara.htm

12/05  PAGAN FEDERATION 2000 forteantimes.com

Kumbha Mela 2001 ••• Oct 5, 2000
Mysteries of the Sacred Universe: The Cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana (An Ancient Indian Book) •••
10/29  Yahoo! News - Reuters Photo ty Cyn 11/11

The Home of Primordial Energy - THE Place for information from BRUCE DePALMA depalma.pair.com/

1/11  The Great Illusion - Introduction thegreatillusion.com Cher 1/13

12/17  Immortal Human Skin Cells EARTHFILES Cher 12/20

Al Bielek~ The Philadelphia Experiment - Part 2 amazon.com/

1.1/15  The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin sitchin.com/
1.1/18  Dark Star Theory ••• Cher 1/22

1.1/09  Kathleen Keating's Web Site - The Final Warning finalwarningthebook.com/
1.1/14  Kathleen Keating's Website - The Final Warning enigma.html
1.1/03  THE FATIMA NETWORK: Our Lady of Fatima Online fatima.org/

1.12/17  Reverse Speech Title Page reversespeech.com

FREE Tarot Readings! facade.com/tarot/ Cher

12/13  Cosmic Conspiracies HOME
12/09  cosmiccrops crops
1.1/08  cosmicmir mir
1.1/08  cosmicstonehenge stonehenge
1.1/04  cosmic nasa fake nasafake
12/29  COSMIC ONE SMALL onesmall
12/29  Mars Anomalies Untitled Document marsanoms
10/14  cosmicsts106 sts106
8/18  Cosmic Conspiracies red

1.1/16  anti-grav ••• Cher 1/22
9/28  Weighty Implications: NASA Funds Controversial Gravity Shield •••

12/30  Hawaii deafened by plague of tiny frogs thetimes.co.uk/

ScienceDaily Magazine -- Your link to the latest research news sciencedaily.com/
1.1/28  ScienceDaily Magazine -- New Group Of Microorganisms Discovered In The Open Sea sciencedaily.com/
STRANGE HAZE - Chem Trails strangehaze.freeservers.com/

9/04  Precognition Instructions csl.lfr.org/ Cher 1/25

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Homepage unmuseum.org/unmain.htm
The UnMuseum - Science Over the Edge over.htm
UnMuseum - Science Today scitoday.htm

Einstein and God eingod.html Cher 1/30

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The Smoking Gun: Scientology Founder: What A Nut! scientology Cher 2/28

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