1.5/30  Salon: Tough company--Clear Channel (May 30)

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Subject:    Salon: Tough company--Clear Channel (May 30)

Salon: Tough company--Clear Channel (May 30)

Tough company

Clear Channel is as big as NBC or Gannett. Chances are it owns a half-dozen radio stations in your town. And it's fighting employee suits alleging everything from broken contracts to sexual harassment.
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By Eric Boehlert
May 30, 2001 |   When word got out three years ago at a radio station in Florida that the news-talk operation was being taken over by Clear Channel Communications, staffers began to fret.

"I started hearing all about 'Cheap Channel,'" says Jack Cole, a veteran talk-show host at WJNO in West Palm Beach, referring to the radio giant's reputation for implementing salary and budget cuts.

Still, Cole was taken aback by his first encounter with the new Clear Channel general manager, Skip Schmidt, who arrived to tour the facilities, shake some hands and greet the staff.

"I said, 'Hi, I'm Jack Cole,'" the host recalls. "He looked at me and said, 'Jesus you make a lot of money.'"
On the day that Clear Channel officially took control of WJNO, Cole was called into his boss's office and fired. Worse, he says, the company did not honor his $120,000-a-year contract -- even while enforcing a non-compete clause for six months in the market by threatening potential employers with legal action.

"They're ruthless," says Cole, who is now an announcer for Florida's Money Watch Radio Network. His breach-of-contract suit is still pending against Clear Channel. (Schmidt did not return a call for comment.) Cole says he's not alone.

"There must be a hundred guys just like me across the country.

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