At 103.1 FM

Welcome to LPFM 103.1

We are a free voice in the Arcadia Crossing Community

Our current part time FM Broadcasts in stereo, start on Monday 4 PM till 9 PM, and continue every day trough Thursday.

This is subject to change, so if you find that we are off the air on one of the above day/times, be sure to checkout this web site for the latest information on any program changes.

Please help us to grow in your community, and support us by listening to us regularly.

Please feel free to send any comments or information to us by E mail, to:


Welcome to Free Radio at 103.1 A Free Speech voice in the Arcadia Crossing community. With a Free Speech mission to provide our community with information, and a wide range of music, not available from commercial or public broadcasting.

This micro station is helping to to create an ever growing micropower broadcasting movement to liberate the airwaves and break the corporate broadcast media's stranglehold on the free flow of news, information, ideas, cultural and artistic creativity. 

This movement, by creating an ungovernable situation for the FCC, forced this regulatory body to establish a very limited low power FM broadcast service (LPFM). Viewed by many within the micropower community as a form of damage control and a divide and conquer strategy,

LPFM service only allows the establishment of low power stations in rural communities, and not in the inter cites, due to overly stringent channel spacing requirements, placed upon the LPFM broadcaster. 

Even given the limited nature of LPFM it was immediately opposed by both the National Association of Broadcasters and National Public Radio.

As a result of intense lobbying efforts by both these organizations Congress passed a bill that severely curtailed an already limited service.

Following the example of Free Radio Berkeley in California, hundreds of micropower broadcast stations have taken to the air across the United States and in other countries as well.

Current FCC regulations mandate a minimum broadcast power of 100 watts for non-LPFM stations and require such a high cost of entry so that only the rich and well endowed can have a voice.

Micropower broadcasting is helping to restore grassroots democracy, bringing back the concept of open and free civic discourse among all citizens, regardless of ones financial status..

Further, it is a direct challenge to a broadcast
system based entirely on wealth. and greed

A micropower FM broadcast station with a coverage radius of 12-15 miles can be put on the air for a cost ranging from $1000-$2000.

To find out more information on micro broadcasting, goto

http:// www. freeradio.org

This station currently has no regular broadcasting schedule, so we ask you to please enter 103.1 into one of your radios memory locations now, and please check on this frequency periodically, for our next part time broadcast.

Remember that you can also receive this micro station on your car radio as well, as long as you are in, or near the Arcadia Crossing community.

We are currently in our beta testing of our RF field, and will be experiencing numerous technology difficulties, so please bare with us.
We hope to be improving our quality of delivery over the next few months.

This radio station will never have any sponsors, and you will never hear commercial adds on it.
Furthermore, this station receives no income from anyone, and all operating expenses and funding is provided exclusively by me. as a free service to my community, on a voluntary bases.

Thank you for tunning in at 103.1 LPFM, your free voice in the Arcadia Crossing community, and please remember to drive safely.

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