1.1/12  The Economist: "Soft radios"

From:    CHETCOP@webtv.net (CHET C.)
Date:    Fri, Jan 12, 2001, 1:51pm (PST+3)
Subject:    The Economist: "Soft radios"

The Economist: "Soft radios" (Dec 7).

"...The idea behind soft radios is straightforward enough.

A conventional radio can receive broadcasts only within the limited range of frequencies that it was designed for. A soft radio consists of a broadly tunable receiver that converts analogue radio signals into digital data.

These bits are then processed by software that runs on a microprocessor.

Soft radios have several advantages over their hardwired forebears...." (Read Article:)

Via Andrew Ingram, Radio Studies (U.K.) list

Not that I understood it all!
Chet Copeland/NY