1.3/03  Tyhart Radio~ This Rocks! (part 2)

From:    witchyway@webtv.net (Witchy Way)
Date:    Mon, Mar 5, 2001, 3:26am (PST+2)
To:    normtaka@webtv.net
Subject:    This Rocks!


From:    tyhart@webtv.net
Group:    alt.discuss.clubs.private.tyhart
Subject:    Re: This Rocks! °Kitty° 
Date:    Sat, Mar 3, 2001, 11:58am
Organization:    WebTV Subscriber

Please read my first post and the attached page carefully. Like it says, we can create stations but we can't hear them at the Sonic.net site because it is incompatible with webtv.

Once you create your station ( and it must have 60 artists minimum), you must have Data_Brain set it up at his site so you can hear it.

Here is his page:


Carefully read and follow the directions on the "List My Sonic.net station" and "Instructions" links.

1.3/03  Tyhart Radio

From:    northernlights3@webtv.net (Aurora)
Date:    Sat, Mar 3, 2001, 11:19am (PST+3)
To:    normtaka@webtv.net
Subject:    Tyhart Radio

I thought this sounded like something you would be interested in :-). Yes, I can see "Norm" creating his own "Radio Station". Have fun and I hope it works for you my friend!





Included Page: Tyhart Radio