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Yahoo! Mail Extra Storage

Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2002, 7:56pm
From: "Yahoo! Mail " <mail-billing@yahoo-inc.com>
To: normtaka@webtv.net
Subject: Ordering Confirmation

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Yahoo! Mail Extra Storage

Dear Norm:

Personalized Email
Send and receive mail using you@your-name.com - starting at $35/year.
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Yahoo! now lets you use your Personal Address with your GeoCities website. No more long URLs or redirects.
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Your order is complete!

Thank you for purchasing Yahoo! Mail Extra Storage. Your order has been received. Please save this confirmation for your records.

If you have additional questions about Yahoo! Mail Extra Storage, take a look at our online help section. If you have any billing related questions, please feel free to email us at mail-billing@yahoo-inc.com. Be sure to include your Yahoo! Order ID and your Yahoo! Mail address in all correspondence.

The Yahoo! Mail Team

Order Information
Yahoo! ID: normtaka
Service: Yahoo! Mail Extra Storage
Order ID: 1789349
Date: January 24, 2002

100 MB: $49.99 per year
Total: $49.99 per year
Billing Information
Payment Information: Visa
xxxx xxxx xxxx 6977
Please save this information for your records.

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