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A Photographic Journey

Come away for a while and journey into the majestic beauty and wonders that surround our lives every day. Explore nature and its critters, enjoy the intricacies of even the smallest wildflower, and marvel at the stunning evening sky as it is painted with bright colors.

a vidcap of my cat Ebony silhouetted against a full moon rising

"Lady Ebony" ~~ March 27, 2002

The idea for this site and its title came to me in a couple of conversations about the above photo. The Master whose pieces are referred to is not me but the Creator Who authored them. When this site is in a more complete state, you will find ~ in addition to the scenic tours already offered ~ a photo gallery along with a graphics gallery and yes, more scenic pages.

Use the sidebar at the left to navigate this site. All my other site and page links are below.

All photos and video captures on this site were taken by and are copyrighted to me ~ Wordtiller. They are not public domain. However, I will be offering many of them for private use in email signatures. For any other use, please contact me.


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