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OH I was delighted to help here --
and of course I love to hear what you two are up to -- technically speaking !

Soooooo here you are, Norm..
I am so fond of both of you----and IM-PRESSED!


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Hi Cynthia,

I hope all is well. Sorry, but I haven't the time to chat (sort of). Would you do me a favor and forward this letter to Norm for me? I don't have any of his other addys here at work.

Thanks a lot and I'll be in touch.....promise!

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I have found your site to be by far the most informative, interesting, and imaginative one I've seen since purchasing my webtv.

Keep this under you hat but I'm beginning to write a tutorial on how to make, place, and use the same custom jumpboxes that are on the F@ Key. It should take a while, though. The working demo is pretty cool, now I only need a tutorial to go with it:-)
  C YA Sunday

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Yeah, I know. The Reference Lilbrary grew so fast, and I make good use of it myself.

I was just telling Chet and Vern that I was planning to break the TOOLS page up - make the major sections into their own pages, with a site map TOC to keep them accessable.

I want the TOOLS page to be a repository for 'interactive' tools that perform "work", including passng "last site URL" ala FKey Savers and History List tools.

So the Library will get its own page, as well as the other major categories of stuff. I made the HOLDING page to help me decide what categories are the "active/growing" ones, as opposed to the "active/useful" tools.

So it is for sure that "breaking news" articles and announcements will have to be handled much differently.

BUT this stuff is sure keeping me informed of the latest info on many frontiers.

Feels like everything is accelerating... boundaries are dissolving, and
status quo is no more.