1.6/20  Imici.com  New "MULTI" instant messenger for PCs

From:    Mc2k2000@aol.com
Date:    Wed, Jun 20, 2001, 8:10pm (PDT+3)
Subject:    New instant messenger

Hi, all.  

Last night, I asked myself if there was such a thing as an instant messenger that could be used on all the ones I already have downloaded.

So, I did a search on Yahoo, and found a few.  Imici was the best one for me.  It works on AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.  Oddly enough, those are the 3 I have.  

Thought I'd give it a try.  I tried it today, and it did deliver.  I used it simultaneously with an MSN user, and a Yahoo user.  

I give it a good rating.

All PC users receiving this e-mail, I recommend that you go to Imici.com, and download the Imici IM.  Have fun.  

It's required to create an attachment file, this being AOL and whatnot.  It should appear at the bottom of the page.



Apple users, click here imici.com/apple.php Coming Soon !