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I hope you read the fine print disclaimer at the bottom of the pages of this site..... it is a P/R stunt for an upcoming entertainment media release.....

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However, it certainly is SYNCHRONISTIC that this now appears when there IS something brewing down in Antarctica...


Hi Terri !
I like your Egyptology site, and hope you don't mind that I will add a link to it on my PARA/ESOTERICA page when I can get it back up and running - hopefully soon.

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Subject:    Fwd: New Arrival Suggests Antarctica is Atlantis

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Subject:    Fwd: New Arrival Suggests Antarctica is Atlantis

Check this out!!!

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@lantis.TV 15.may01
An Exclusive Webcast from @lantis Interactive, Inc.

New Arrival Suggests Antarctica is Atlantis

MAWSON STATION, ANTARCTICA (AMP) - Fueling rumors of a secret excavation two miles beneath the ice, a controversial archeologist has joined the U.S. salvage operation in the interior snow deserts of East Antarctica, according to Russian scientists at Vostok Station.

Dr. Conrad Yeats, 39, is considered by some to be the world's greatest expert on megalithic architecture. He is also the son of the man allegedly leading the secret American military expedition in Antarctica, USAF Gen. Griffen Yeats.

"The Russians intercepted a distress call by an unscheduled flight attempting to land in the interior," Col. Ali Zawas, head of the United Nations Antarctica Commission (UNACOM), reported from Mawson Station in East Antarctica. "Voice prints match Doctor Yeats'. We are working with the Russians and Australians to track the location of the distress call and hope it will lead us to the site of the so-called American salvage operation."

The arrival of an archeologist casts suspicion on the official American report that the U.S. is salvaging "a piece of NASA space history." It also lends credence to offbeat theories made by some observers that the Americans may have discovered the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

For the full story and to view a live webcam from Mawson Station, Antarctica, click this link.


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