1.6/06  NewsBluezette HEY WOULD YA BLOW ME?

From:    ka2cxj@webtv.net    
Date:    Wed, Jun 6, 2001, 8:52am (PDT+3)    
Subject:    From: NewsBluezette HEY WOULD YA BLOW ME?

A Connecticut reader writes.... 

"WTIC-TV/FOX61 in Hartford, CT was fooled the other night by a viewer, responding to a "FOX Feedback" question, who wrote in 
via e-mail using the name `Haywood Jablome` (thatīs, "Hey 
would ya blow me"? for those of you who donīt get it). 

"The full name went out on air along with the response in a 
graphics page. Anchor Brent Hardin read the response but only 
referred to the viewer as 'Haywood.' The master control 
operator on duty recognized the name as fake but waited until 
the end of the segment to inform the producer. 

The producers all received a lecture from ND Paul Lewis about 
the necessity of reading the names of viewers out loud before 
putting them on TV. Of course, it was the ND's decision to use the viewers' full names in the first place, over the objection of some of the producers. 

"The floodgates have been opened now. `Phil McCracken` almost 
got on the air the other night".