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Changed:12:09 PM on Wednesday, July 18, 2001

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Q. What is the MSN TV Rename press release about?

A. In an effort to continue the delivery of interactive TV technology, the MSN® network of Internet services today announced the renaming of WebTV® Internet Service to MSN TV service.

This move furthers the MSN commitment to delivering premium online content and services any time, anywhere and on any device.

This transition will accelerate the integration of outstanding MSN content and services - such as the MSN Hotmail® service, the world's largest Web-based e-mail service - to users of the WebTV Classic, WebTV Plus, UltimateTV® service and Dishplayer devices, offering consumers more ways to access the Internet and make MSN their home on the Web.

WebTV Internet Service Renamed 'MSN TV Service' -- Rebranded Service to Provide Consumers With a Greater Breadth of Services And Content From MSN library.northernlight.com/

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