1.6/26  From: Shoptalk

From:    ka2cxj@webtv.net
Date:    Tue, Jun 26, 2001, 10:09pm (PDT+3)
Subject:    From: Shoptalk

From:    ka2cxj@webtv.net
Date:    Tue, Jun 26, 2001, 10:05pm (PDT+3)
To:    ka2cxj@webtv.net
Subject:    From: Shoptalk

Just to liven up this hot wire racial debate, let it be said that this editor thinks the concept of pressuring TV management to hire a representative percentage of minority talent is hogwash and will only serve to further diminish the already pathetic level of news content in so-called `news` programming.

Call me an old fashioned sexist bigot, but when TV stations embraced female producers and reporters and anchors (under pressure from the FCC), hard news content quickly took a swing toward `family oriented` touchy-feely consumer crap that fits in the news shoe about as snugly as Phil Bronstein's dragon-gnawed foot.

If station managers follow the flawed logic of population statistics and fill half their newsroom with people of color, we'll soon be further cluttering the news hole with ethnic reports of questionable news value that will only satisfy a few while further splintering an already diminishing audience.

Call me irresponsible...

..I think we should hire according to merit, not skin tone.

Okay, okay, I can see your beady little eyes getting red with anger. Here's a better idea. Let's overhaul this antiquated theory of `broad` casting
  (trying to make everyone happy) and concentrate instead, on redesigning local news as a `narrow` cast.

It worked for cable.

Tune to the Food Channel, you get food.

Tune to the Travel Channel, you get travel.

Tune to the Playboy Channel...well, you get the point.

After all, do we really need three....or four....or five newscasts in one market all covering the same story every night?

Instead of producing the third-best news BROADcast in town...why not THE best African-American (can I say that?) newscast...

...or THE VERY BEST Redneck (bank robbery/car chase/tornado damaged mobile home park/crying toothless mother) news show...

..or THE ABSOLUTE BEST `Hispanic/Puerto Rican/Mexican Minority Narrowcast` in town?
Stop dancing around the edges.

Who among you will be first to step forward, address the audience and actually try something different?


That would be `financial suicide`?

Oh, okay. I understand now.