2.2/26 Tyhart's Ver 2.7 retrograde to 2.6.1

Date:    Fri, Mar 1, 2002, 11:35am (PST+2)
Subject:    upgrade

Date:    Tue, Feb 26, 2002, 11:24am
From:    tyhart

Hello Club Tyhart Member,

Many of us have received an email from msntv saying we would get a forced upgrade (to 2.7) by the end of the month. Also, posts in newsgroups by an msntv engineer have said that 2.5.5 would be eliminated but that 2.6.1 users could continue with that upgrade version.

A msntv user, who was forced to 2.7 earlier and not allowed to return to 2.6.1, filed a civil suit against msntv. They chose not to contest it and retrograded him back to 2.6.1.

We assume, therefore, that as long as 2.6.1 is used by anyone, it will be available for everyone. So if you do get forced to 2.7, please retrograde back to 2.6.1 to remain eligible for membership in news:alt.discuss.clubs.private.tyhart.

This utility will help you retrograde to 2.6.1. Please share it with friends:
http://www.transload.net/~tyha! ! rt/retrograde.html

Thank you for your attention, and, as always, we invite your questions and participation in news:alt.discuss.clubs.private.tyhart.

All the best... ty

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