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HI Rich and Norm !
        Dont my friends make underwater sightseeing look so easy? Tom teaches Computer Science at Brown University in Rhode Island and Trina ( my long time friend ) goes along with him on all his jaunts...... His avocation is undersea photography -and he is putting together a book of photos.......
This was on their last trip - Bon Aire ! I love that name -- it just feels good to say it !

  Isn't that a healthy looking eel and that cute little fish with its chameleon like color patterns.... It looks like it is permanently saying "oooooh !" !

What did you catch on your fishing trip,Rich? Was it a wonderful day for you?
How far did you drive to get there?
Did you take the truck? Did you cook out? or eat preprepared food?

Love to both of you!

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a few more:

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