If you have used The Abacus before you will notice that there are now fewer lists than there used to be, don't worry, all the information is here, it's just been organized and redundant information deleted from the lists. I wanted to make it faster and easier to use.

Click here for some helpful hints, specifically for various artist cd's but you may gleen something that could help you.

Artist Number

To get the number for the artist you want click on 'Artist' below, wait for the text document to load completely, and then enter the name of the artist into your find box and hit enter, the number to the left is the artist number. Remember, if you can't find your artist on this list, you can always enter an album you know they did, or their name in the album lists and if you find an album or song they did you can use the tool below to get the artist number.


Album Number

To get an album number enter part of the name of an album (the most unique word you can think of would be good) into your find box, or if you have the artist number and would like to scan all albums by that artist enter that with a space before and after instead and click on the list. Hit CMD and 'G' and it'll highlight the first instance of that word or number, keep holding CMD and tapping 'G' until you find what you are looking for or reach the end of the list, if you want to back up hold CMD and tap 'B'. If you are searching by artist number and don't find what you want, try entering a unique part of the artist's name since there are a few thousand entries that have the artist's name but not their number.
WARNING:If you have an old plus or classic I wouldn't dream of clicking the full list, it is so large it's very existence is obscene, please use the other links, they are the exact same list cut up into pages that will be easy to load and will not shut you off. Whether you use the full list or the seperate lists you should also check the update list, this will be a constantly changing list that starts where the last one ended and goes to the currently added albums which Music_Is_The_Key has kindly decided to keep up to date and povide to everyone.





Full List


Album Viewer

Enter an album number in place of [###] for the album title, artist name, title of first song, and a pic of the cover. If you would like the information for other songs on the album, for instance other artists on a various artist album, the first '1' is the disc number, the second '1' is the track number, just change them to the song you want.(Example: for "Mother Nature's Son", the third song on the second disc of The White Album, the form should look like this 224_2_3_07.) To get the artist number, click on 'EDIT', as soon as the cursor box turns green you can hit your back button, now press "Go To" and then "Show Last", the artist number is after the A=. To get the tracklist and a decent pic of the cover you can search CDNOW, Amazon, or Rolling Stone below. If you have several you want to check, or if you want to browse, you may want to use Elrond instead.

PNM Tester

Now that you have the Artist and Album numbers, you can test the strip below,place the variable(V)(a number between 0 and 5, try each one until the strip either works or you know the album isn't activated because you've tried them all), artist #(A) and album #(AL) in the proper spaces within the PNM strip and hit "return"

This is a new tester and does allow you to get the url, just hit 'Go To' and then 'Show Last' and ccp the address you get, then take that to the Transloader at the bottom of this page and transload it to your own files, give it a name with .ra, .rm, or .ram as the extension. You can also just CCP the pnm strip, take it to your provider, and create a file with a .ram,.ra,or .rm extension, just enter the strip as the only information in the file. The last number before the '.07.rm' is the song number, to get the entire album increase that by one for each song on the album, the number before that is the disc number,if your album has more than one, make that number a 2 for the next disc and up until you have the entire album.

I made this tester to make this tool easier to use, please do not link to the tester, I've included a transloader to make it easy to make your own rams. If people link, I will change the tester back to a non-linkable version.

Get Album Cover With FileDex

Use Filedex to get album cover pic by ccp'ing the page you get from one of the retail CD sellers below.
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