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WTV TOOLS, Help, Clever Utilities, and Upgrade Info
~~Many TOOLS will work for PC and Mac users, too !!~~

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2002.3/21 NOTE - this page has not been updated since it was deleted by Tripod on 2001.3/17, so some links may no longer work - Norm

2.8/17  new URL - Earle's Learning Centre http://www.earlea.com/ 2.9/20

1.2/11  Help for Tomeegirl (Donna Hines, Indiana) storyid=3457 Net4TV Voice: Community Alert
1.2/13  TO DONNA WITH LOVE ladybug/donna.html hms56
1.2/13  DONNA'S FRIENDS's Dreambook dreambook.com/ladybug639/donna.html hms56
SeedyTheTech has moved sites from Tripod to Geocities.
Users should read the instructions to SAVE COOKIES and DATA before the Tripod tools will be deleted.

Address Change For Hootie's WTV Jumps
Address Change For WTV~Tool Sources
</script><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> c = 6; for (i=1;i<c;i++) {setTimeout("history.go(0);", 500); } </SCRIPT> <font color=ff6666> WEBTV BUG ALERT - RELOADING</font> <font color="orange" size="5">JavaScript BUG~ Please Hold CMD and TAP "R" 5 TIMES to "Super Reload" <p>For a detailed explanation of this bug, see <a href="http://www.madrabbit.net/webrabbit/webtvbug.html"> WebTV Bug </a> </font> <!--- // Brought to You By: MasonMan@webtv.net //---> <img src="build/MasonManWtVbug.gif"> <table border=0 bgcolor=505050 width=400 cellpadding="0"> <td bgcolor=black absheight=30 align="center" <font color=steelblue><blackface> <limittext value="Bug Alert (RELOAD Page )"> </td></table>
See my HOLDING Page for latest UPDATES

Norm's ~~SPORTS~~ ~created 10/9/00~
Norm's Reference Library ~10/12/00
Chet's Page~~CHET COPELAND, New York City NY~~ 10/9/00

RealAudio 3.0 AllNight RADIO {tooBIG_Page} {MUSIC}

Norm's WebTV PageBuilder Sites
NormTaka CClog RodTaka Tegami Tomoyuki
Pgmr WebTV Upgrade Notes

hms56~ Harry Silver - Bronx NY
hms56's NEW Tutorial The Custom Jumpbox 10/26

hms56's F@Key "FAT Key" for WebTV w/ClearCache-Recents
hms56's The ALTERNATIVE HOMEPAGE w/ClearCache-Recents
hms56 sent me this WARNING !! 7/22

hms56's F@Key -Tutorial updated 7/23/00
hms56's WebNewsNow-4 F KEY collaboration with Owens4
Owens4 Tools
9/10/00  INFO: Owens-4 Leaves WebTV! copied NG posting

Mimes Tripod Editor & Toolbar for WebPages

bflo's Browser Information w/History List
Cards by Hadoe's Your WebTV Browser Info w/History List
BG Tester w/History List
Expert HTML Source Viewer w/History List
Expert HTML Utilities w/History List
Hyest Tools -An Experience- w/History List
J.D.'s URL & HTML Retriever w/History List

MasonMan's © ~VAL~ 1997 ®

Midds Webtools
Mike's WebTV Lounge! leaving WTV on 9/13
9/10/00 Cheers to Mike Chestney copied NG posting

WebRing: Navigation WebTV Tools WebRing List ALL
WebRing: Navigation Hardlove's Magical WebRing List ALL
Ultimate-WebTvSearch HTML Help

7/27 LATEST RETROGRADE / UPGRADE NEWS is in the HELP section of your HOME PAGE

Retrograde now available to all WebTV units except Dishplayer

A return to Upgraded browser is also available in this section.


DELI LAMA's Simpli~CITY for WebTV
NetVet Graphics & Multimedia Sites

Draac.Com's Character Stripper new 7/17
Draac.Com's Extractor new 6/10
Draac. The Man, The Monkey, The Empire!!!!!! webnewsnow

WebTV Beacon Ping, TraceRoute
WebWizardsWays TvScreenSavers for PLUS 7/12/00
le professeur's Sig Box

AnniesTreasures BuilDeR & TuToRiAl SuPpLiEs

webtv haven tricks tips transloading hints
Webtv Haven...tips, tricks, links, and fun

The WTV Zone- A WebTV friendly homepage and website provider where webtv users can build websites and homepages with little restriction

MadRabbit's Clipboard for WebTV
MadRabbit's The Source for WebTV

sarchitect's Windows for WebTV NEW 7/21
Expert Source Viewer for WebT

Expert HTML! for WebTV
1.2/16  Expert HTML [LINKS] 10216.qt

© 1999/2000 Expert HTML


SORT-N-PRINT RetRo for WebTV with Retrograde
Nook's Printer Tool: Write a Letter by Cards By Hadoe

aaa-na's New Home 4/15/00
bChill's Huge Links Page
Create A Page Of Links from Favorites
J.D.'s Handy WebTV Tips
J.D.'s ®(Link VORTEX)™
J.D.'s NewsGroup Lists
Pam's WebTV FKey Haven funkydiva
Pam's WebTV Emporium 8/13 sugarcrisp53

Hyest's © Color Noia GREAT COLOR TOOL
Color Chart -- Just for You! GONE 9/14
Compare Image To BGcolor
MediaBuilder FontMapper

Hymn's Icon maker Iconiser II
Name Gifs Links thnx Cher

N2Play's The Original surfNsound for WebTV
J.D.'s 2-Page Viewer by JasonBerry
Hardlove's Codes Of Magic is the webtv users friend for building webpages
J R Inc.'s Ultimate Help Page under attack
Ronnie's Webtv Quick Find

(V)  PrototypeTV GONE again 9/14
9/21 (V) Prototype's Demo-TV site is back !

WarpSpeed's WebTV Tools

S-Kobar's Super PNM Tester v2.0 for .ram meta files
S-Kobar's SonicNet Help Page


TYMDesigns Newsltr & Resources for WebTVGONE 9/1/00 from Tripod

Greg's Site is GONE! 8/23/00
Greg's Web Site For health and other reasons I have decided to permanently delete my web site. I may also be cancelling my WebTV service soon.

Greg's WebTV Browser History Lister last 32 sites Greg's Links
Poverty Stricken's event log WHY WebTV Utility CLOSED
Changed:7:24 AM on Thursday, July 6, 2000
I wish you all well my friends. Thank you for the continued supportive messages.
You are thought of often.... PS :-)

Time Zones of The World thnx Chet

The Jazzman's Kewl Audioscope for WebTV

VOGUE~5:58mid ~5:03mid MODremix.zipLOOPS
Madonna: INDEX midis~4:50zip
AmericanPie~4:33ramST Frozen~5:08ramST ~6:08ram RayOfLight~0:00ramST

Net4TV's Chat4TV -new URLs 8/13 FRONT

RealAudio 3.0 and G2- 50 streams -two feeds -Pacific Time:

Note: click the appropriate audio feed below before joining the chatroom -
Press GoTo, then ShowLast to fetch audio feed URL,
C/P audio URL into "FIND" key input area.

After joining chatroom, if IRC mishandles audio feed, C/P from "Find" to "GoTo" to load live audio.

NOTE- All audio URLs begin with http://net4tv.com/listen/
the individual filename.ram is shown

SUN 3pm-6pm Dudette & Dexter ~TRIVIA at 5pm~ sunday.ram, sunday2.ram
TUE 6pm-8pm Diane Dumas' IRC Tips = diane.ram[G2], diane2.ram[3.0STEREO]
WED 6pm-7:30pm Chai's Tech Chat = techchat.ram, techchat2.ram
THU 6pm-??pm RevTrip's Open Chat = revtrip.ram[G2-stereo]

8/13 New URLs for Chat4TV Shows & IRC Interfaces Room/Channel= #net4tv

~Hymn's Chat4TV~ 'no frills for WebTV'
my favorite: Mynnk's Chalkboard {rock solid! No Upgrade woes~Norm}

Diane's IRC Chat Menu Diane Dumas, Augusta GA
Diane's IRC basicchat-9 NEW

Vern Isbell's ChatRoom radiolisteners at Net4TV fixed 9/18Norm

Taz's Chat IRC Customizer tailor your own IRC


Net4TV Voice: -Front Page-€ -ResourceLibrary-€

9/10 Update: WebTV Says HP Printer Bug Now Fixed
Seems like it was quietly fixed on Sat 9/9 [server-side]Norm
9/04 No Printing? WebTV Printer Driver Bug Hits Some HP Models Net4TV Voice

6/04 Upgrade News Users Report Problems with WebTV 2.5 Upgrade
5/16 Upgrade! WebTV Reveals G2, Windows Media, Instant Messenger

4/01 Talk City Kicks and Bans Custom IRCs
Feature Comparison Grid •
WebTV Details New Boxes, New Service, and Price Increase •

Upgrade Madness ~~ON WEBTV {almost}~~

9/10, 9/04 User ALERT: Amnesia Bomb, Email Hijack Resurface on WebTV Net4TV Voice
9/02 - New WebTV Network Service Upgrade NOTICE finally came! Norm

7/27 - now in your Home Page - click on HELP, then Latest News

Getting the retrograde
Q. How can I get the retrograde?
A. The retrograde is now available to all box types except the DISHPlayer.

If you choose to accept the retrograde, you will lose access to MSN Messenger and any other features which were added with the Summer update, including updated printer support. Some users only need to turn off MSN Messenger. Please try this first, if you are experiencing problems with the Summer update.
The vast majority of subscribers benefit from having the current Summer Update installed. We recommend that you acquire the previous version of WebTV only if you are experiencing problems.

€  Turn off MSN Messenger €  Accept the retrograde

7/27 - This is also in the same HELP secton: Latest News

Latest News Main index Find an answer

Q. How can I get the Summer Update back after I retrograde my box?
A. To undo the retrograde, choose the link below:

€  Return to Summer Update

Note: If you are unsure what version of WebTV you are running, take a look at your Home page. If there is an icon for the Messenger feature, you already have the Summer Update.

If you already have the Summer Update, the above link will retrograde your box.

POcode-UpgradeGet FYI - I have not tried it.

Matt69's Secret Pics updated 10/04
Previewers {Aqua} {Yellow}

lachippie's WEBTV UPGRADE FIXES 5/17/00, 6/7, 6/9: Banners, WordProcessers, JS changes
spirtlarchitect's Upgrade Help 5/16, 5/28 thnx Aurora
Karaoke Heaven has RETROGRADE link !!

9/04/00 No Printing? WebTV Printer Driver Bug Hits Some HP Models Net4TV Voice

upgrade printer problems 6/09/00
Set Top Browser Printing Resources 6/09

TyHart's WebTV JS Bug Alerts codes for webpages thnx Aurora

Upgrade News from Net4TV Voice E-Zine

9/04/00 User ALERT: Amnesia Bomb, Email Hijack Resurface on WebTV Net4TV Voice

9/10 Update: WebTV Says HP Printer Bug Now Fixed
9/04/00 No Printing? WebTV Printer Driver Bug Hits Some HP Models Net4TV Voice
7/09 WebTV Releases Retrograde for Old Classic
6/18, 6/27 WebTV To Offer "Retrograde" While Working on Upgrade Fix
6/04 Users Report Problems with WebTV 2.5 Upgrade
5/16 Upgrade! WebTV Reveals G2, Windows Media, Instant Messenger

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